Or ladies, maybe middle aged ladies. This is the outdoor pool area, there’s a whirlpool towards the back and it’s right next to the harbour bridge.  So what’s the problem?

Noisy train is on the other side of the bridge and is loud with occasional fumes. Comes every few minutes. On the other hand nice towel service, with free 50 SPF sunscreen, fruit kabobs, iced fruit water provided.

Inaccessible whirlpool. Would love to use this, but will probably fall getting in or out.

Small, shallow pool.  1.2M and narrow, basically a kiddie pool with a walk in decline.

Farthest room with a view? There were three of us for three days, and we got one of the few rooms without even a partial view of water. Now we got the room with points and booked over 6 months ago so this was unexpected.  Because Hyatts gets reimbursed for points bookings. My mom who has trouble walking was already tired before we exited the building.  The room is right next to Hickson Rd

Which results in street noise. Loading and unloading noise.  Backing up beeping.  Lamborghini speeding off sounds, but hey no train noise.

And isn’t this a lovely marble bathroom? With the provided slippers and a little water on the floor, you can do a slipperoo, which I did. I mean who would expect water to be on the floor?  Which meant laundering my clothes and basically not leaving the building because I didn’t want to insult any hidden injuries.  Ruined my whole day.

It’s nice to have a Nespresso, and silly me I decided to use it for hot water for tea.  Wow the water was disgusting.  I was then advised to use the provided electric kettle.  I guess the Nespresso pods filter the water?

And note, to get in and out on the harbour side you must use stairs.  Upon returning from our trip to the Taronga Zoo we saw the sign stating that the accessible entrance was on the other (cab) side and she would have to go up an incline to get there.  Dreading more walking she tried the stairs and fell. A small one level external elevator could easily be installed.
It seems this hotel is made for a younger, but richer crowd, though the older people often pay for luxury  in order to make their stay more convenient.  That’s apparently lost here.

Probably will not stay here again.