I’m staying staying at the Westin in Ft. Lauderdale.  Dropped off by taxi, there are no steps or ramps.  to the check-in or the elevators.

Like many hotels in South Florida, they charge $30+/day for parking.  And there is a resort fee, another $30+, then if you order room service you will get automatically a 20β„… gratuity, plus a $7 “delivery” fee.  Then even after paying the resort fee if you go to the beach, presumably why you came the city will charge you another approximately $30 to rent a chair and umbrella.

So that’s basically an extra $100/day.  Now you can avoid the parking by getting a cab, avoid the beach fee by lying down on a towel, but you can’t avoid the resort or delivery fees.  And if the staff get an automatic 20%, there carrot option is automatically out of your hands.  So your option then is to whine.

Aside from that the hotel has a crosswalk over the road to get to the beach, so if you children, the elderly or mobility issues it can make the beach more accessible. But the elevator on the city side was broken, so you were left hustling across the street.  The speedy drivers can get on you fast on the beach side because of the ways the bushes are planted and the street curves.

No rentals of beach wheelchairs πŸ˜€, and there are 1 to 3 steps to get to the beach.