This state park at the tip of Key Biscayne is inexpensive about $4 per person.  While you are checking in you will see a sign that beach wheelchairs can be rented while you are there.  I had people behind me so I wasn’t able to take a picture, but so awesome!

The beach is sandy white, and the parking is packed full even in the summer, but it’s nice to know you have options if you want to go to the beach.

I think that all 4 wheels are the same size, a little something like this:

Nice to know they were still available at 10am on a national holiday.

I went to the southernmost point from which you can spy Stiltsville out in the distance where several homes are out in the water on stilts and nicely apart from each other.

I also walked by a fishing area and looked down to find several different kinds of brightly colored fish.  They were not interested in the fishing poles and were intelligently hiding in the shade.

You can barely see a blank and yellow striped fish at the edge of the shade, there were many more in the shade.