On my recent travel to Rio on American Airlines, I noticed a woman sitting on the middle seat of an middle section coughing.  Now I had brought masks for this occasion but I was seated at the bulk head so I didn’t worry.

This woman moved up to another bulk head in the center when she thought it was an empty seat. I hadn’t noticed until she plopped herself next to me.

I don’t like to make waves and she wasn’t coughing a lot by the time she sat next to me.   So should I ask  to see her boarding pass? Should I ask an attendant?  They were so busy getting this full flight off the ground.  I also had hopes to be upgraded and didn’t know if making a fuss was a good idea. (I was first on the waiting list and there were some empty business class seats).

Well I didn’t get moved, and when I looked back at her original seat, that was now filled.  Curious.  Then I notice that the attendants were moving someone from economy to Business and it wasn’t me.

So it seems the crew has license to move people, on criteria I don’t understand.  She slept next to me, and then upon landing headed to the back of the cabin presumably where her seat and carry-ons were.

And yes 2 days later I get a scratchy throat.  So I fight, with sunshine, with a pile of roasted garlic, orange and lemon juice.  But I’m losing the battle,  need to nap on my day tours.

So I checked my convenience store in the hotel for Vitamin C.  They didn’t have it but the concierge got some 1g bubbly dissolvable in water pills.  And I’ve been nursing these for several days.

Today is my last day and I did not miss any of my planned tours.  Vive la Vitamin C!