Besides the fact that deplaning Muslims is following established procedure,  I’ve found a couple of other problems which is turning me sour on Southwest.  I do appreciate their advantages: checked bags, free changes up to a year from original date of purchase etc.  I’ll be brief:

  • Almost every plane I’ve flied feels old, with there are no power ports or IFEs
  • Southwest practically owns Hobby Airport, and there are no lounges available to the average traveler.  So if  you have mobility problems, are old or are sick.  There is no way either through status or just through dollars to simply find a place that provides a little food or refreshments that is quiet.
  • Similarly at LAX they are in a terminal with no lounges, not even third-party ones.  So if you just flew in Internationally and just need to find a place to refresh or just settle down, don’t get your hopes up.

I get it’s a low cost airline, and on a much better level then Spirit and other LCAs, but if you have energy or mobility concerns, just having wheelchair service may not be sufficient for you.