If you decide to go to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore you might think it would be a difficult place to get around if you normally have difficulty, and you would be right and wrong.


Gardens By the Bay has outdoor gardens, lake area,  restaurants and many options but the big three are the Super Trees which are artificial trees entwined with greenery and lights such that you can see them at night, and at specific times they put on a light show, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest .  You come upon these trees fairly soon after entering the park, and entering the park is free.

But we wanted tickets before going to the park and most of the other tour booking sites did not have any available. Sad I stumbled upon Klook which focuses on East Asian travel. There we fit tickets minutes before arriving printed them out and we were good to go.

The other items are the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.  Do get a feel for the place by checking out their map.  cq_image-renderimage-imagepath-2240-1220

There’s a main gate entrance which you will arrive at by taxi/car at the bottom but to the left is another entrance by MRT and then crossing over the bridge.  There is a shuttle that takes you from the MRT to the ticketing area where you can access the other two big exhibits: The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

Since we came from the taxi area we walked to the Flower Dome, which has air conditioning and also a ticketing cost.  Having not eaten enough before arriving and arriving near closing time most of the restaurants were closing or just too hard to find in the dark…we didn’t have a map with us, so we were just trying to follow the signs.   The Flower Dome recommended traffic move in a particular direction and this took us through the fantastic tulip exhibit, sponsored by KLM but of course with a Turkish theme.  There were tulips that did not look like tulips that was cool.


The walkways gently went down and around to see the entire exhibit.  We did notice that the top floor had those amazing Baobob trees and we really wanted to see them, but not by climbing back up, so we were directed to the elevators that were tucked behind in a corner of the building.  The trees are cool and embellished in a few places.


Coming out of the Flower Dome leads you directly to the entrance to the Cloud Forest, which we didn’t do because we were starving.   But it wasn’t obvious which way to go, so we went down a walking path which if you look at the map was the long way around.  While walking the shuttle came by and we had hoped to be picked up to take us to the ticketing area, but it does not stop for people.  So don’t rely on that for relief.  It is nice that there are benches to sit down along this path however.  As you may have noted that in Asia there is almost never anywhere to sit.

Lesson Learned: Take the time to look at a map even if you are not spatially oriented to chart your exit strategy.  We managed to stop and eat at McDonalds! and make our way back to the taxi pickup.  The taxi driver nicely told us that we had time to catch the light show near the Merlion held by Marina Bay Sands over the water.  We got some Roasted Green Tree Coffee and sat comfortably watching it but it wasn’t too impressive.  Maybe it was better from the observation deck of  Marina Bay Sands.