Whine 1:  Economy class is cramped enough, when one reclines it eats into the space of the person behind you.   When the woman in front of me decided to recline, there was barely enough room to unfold my tray table.   So this means that now I have to recline.  Now the same thing happens to the person behind me.   The Airplane Wave.

In addition once you lean back then your pillow and any blanket you have window side also take up that space.   Now if I had managed to cross my legs, I have to contend with the long comfort pillow of the passenger ahead of me that keeps sliding onto my shoe.   I’m sure the lady in front doesn’t want my shoe on her pillow.

Whine 2:  Hey about that time the flight crew asks you to lower your window screen?   Why because people want to sleep?   Because it would make it easier to watch their little IFEs?

We recently left on a nighttime (6pm) flight from Japan to LAX.  Some people might want to sleep during this 9 hour flight because it is their night time,  but I’m trying to match light and sleep  to my destination not my starting point.

Yes while it was dark it didn’t matter but even when the sun was out  everyone politely kept their shades closed.  Even me.  This is especially annoying since if you want to sleep when there is light you can use a sleep mask.

In my case these were handed out in an amenity kit,  I realize all flights might not have one.   Where does my need  to adjust to destination work with another’s need to sleep?