Hi there!

I am an American traveler, but I wasn’t born there so I have some wayback memories of using a hole toilet, bathing with a bucket after waiting in line etc.

But now I’m a middle-aged unhealthy person.  Middle-aged meaning I might start to travel now, unhealthy meaning I won’t be doing any hiking and the like.  So this would be a log of the things I’ve tried to do with limited mobility.  I don’t need a wheelchair but I cannot walk up hills as I have what is known as POTS.  That and I have grown up in cushy big city America, which means I am absolutely spoiled with things like A/C, highways that are mostly not bumpy, western toilets etc.

So how does someone like this travel?  With a lot of whining.   Sometimes I pay more which sets up certain expectations and get disappointed, sometimes bumpy rides wear me out.  I am currently trying to stay in nicer hotels in city centers where TOUR GUIDES can come pick me up and get me to places that I would never attempt (because I’d get cranky trying to),  or at least make my time efficient, so I can get some experience before I get wiped out.

So ready?